Friday, December 11, 2009

2º ESO video project / groups and topics

These are the groups, components and topics chosen:
Sponge Bob (Irene Lobato, Ana Elisa Sánchez, Lucía Ruiz & Lucía García): Journalist and celebrity.
East Blue (Erika Estrella, Alejandro Ibáñez & Noelia Reyes): Daily routines.
The Perfect British (Sergio Gutiérrez,Marco Leese, Eric Nuttall):
M's (María Calderón, María Algarra & Marina Martínez): Likes and dislikes
The Next Club ( Miguel Ángel Benítez, Juan Sebastián González & Alejandro González):
____________ (Marta Gil, Mª Isabel Martínez, Marina Cerván, Claudia García): Describe a person.
____________(Almudena Ramírez, Yaiza Moreno, Norijane Ibana): Talk about your best friend.

Three groups haven't posted their topics yet. Come on, make up your minds! You're running out of time!


  1. Here is Sponge Bob video:

    I hope you like it :)

  2. Here is The kitty GirlS video:

    I hope you like it =) ..Seño nose si se podrá ver porque cuando se lo pase a Yaiza no podía verlo nose.


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