Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's the weather like?

Learning weather words in English is not as easy as it seems. Because it is a recurrent conversation topic and, in great part, due to the changeable nature of the weather in Britain, the variety of weather words in English is considerable. So much so, that sometimes it's difficult to find an equivalent in Spanish.
In the following video we are going to hear some people talk about the weather. Some of the adjectives they used are written below with a translation into Spanish. The list of words is not complete, but it's a good starting point!
hot (caluroso), warm (calentito), cool (fresco), cold (frío), chilly (fresco), crisp (frío), mild (templado).
windy (ventoso), breezy (con brisa)
Sun or absence of sun
sunny (soleado), cloudy (nublado), overcast (cubierto), dull (gris, feo), grey (gris), bright (brillante, soleado).
rainy (lluvioso), damp (húmedo), dry (seco)

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