Sunday, October 24, 2010

Prepositions of place and movement

A preposition is a part of speech that links nouns, pronouns or phrases to other words in the sentence. There are three types of prepositions:
  • Time prepositions, used to show a point in time.
  • Place prepositions, used to indicate a location or position.
  • Direction prepositions, used to show movement from one place to another.
Sometimes it's difficult for a learner of foreign languages to use prepositions correctly, because they don't always translate as the same word in every context. For instance, my students get confused with words like in, into, at or on.
In the following presentation the images will help you realise the exact meaning of the preposition. In this case, only prepositions of place and movement are described.

 With this other presentation by Patricia Pérez Miguel you can practise what you have learnt, and at the same time revise your Halloween vocabulary. Try to answer the questions and have fun!

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