Saturday, January 29, 2011

Future tenses

There are many ways to express the future in English, but there are only four tenses that are termed “future”:
  • future simple: will+ infintive    I will study tomorrow
  • future continuous: will be + V-ing     Tomorrow at this time I will be studying English
  • future perfect: will have + past participle    By the end of this week I will have finished my exams.
  • Future prerfect continuous: will have been + V-ing    By the end of this year I will have been working in this school for 20 years.
Apart from these, other tenses can have future meaning:
  • present simple: The train leaves at 4 o'clock.
  • present continuous (usually with future expressions):   She is leaving tomorrow morning.
There are other ways to express the future, the most common of which is going to + infinitive
We are going to work really hard to pass our exams.

Read this thorough presentation to revise the forms and uses of the future tenses in English, and below there is a selection of exercises to help you improve this aspect.



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