Saturday, February 18, 2012

Homes under the Hammer (Part two)

In the last blog post I wrote about Homes under the Hammer, a BBC programme I am very keen on. We watched a part of an episode in which a tired, drab Victorian terraced house had been bought at auction by a young couple. Unfortunately, it was too long to watch in just one session. Now we can see what happened with that Victorian house. Would you like to see the transformation? Let’s watch it! But first, here is the basic vocabulary that will help you understand the video:
  • Beset by problems: with lots of problems.
  • Bay fronted: having a bay window at the front.(see picture)
  • Terraced house: a house that shares sidewalls with adjacent houses. (See Types of dwellings)
  • Many features still intact: many of the original characteristics of the house can still be found.
  • Auction lot: an item or set of items for sale at an auction.
  • Crisp and clean: immaculate
  • Ironwork: objects made of iron, such as railings.
  • Reception  rooms: rooms for receiving and entertaining visitors.
  • Lounge-dining area: a room that can be used both as a living room and a dining room
  • Stunning: impressive, very attractive
  • Open plan kitchen: a kitchen that is open to the dining room (see picture)
  • Glass box extension: an extension made entirely of glass. (see picture)

Bay window

Open plan kitchen

Bathroom suite

Glass box extension

  • Folding doors / bi-fold doors: a door made of several parts joined together which can be folded against each other when the door is opened.
  • Child-friendly garden space: a garden that is fit for children.
  • Bathroom suite: a set of fixed objects in a bathroom that includes a bath, a toilet and a basin(see picture)
  • Bespoke fitted wardrobes: custom-built cupboards in which you can hang your clothes.
  • Staircase: a flight of stairs, a stairway.
  • En suite shower room: a bathroom with a shower adjoining a bedroom.
  • Spacious: roomy, airy, having much space.
  • Drab: faded and dull in appearance.
  • Smashed up: destroyed
  • Outlay: an expenditure, an amount of money spent.
  • Costs and fees: the expenses associated to the acquisition of a house, such as the solicitors and land registry fees or emoluments.
  • Estate agent: a person who arranges the selling or renting of houses for their owners
  • Stylish fittings: elegant or fashionable appliances in the house.
  • Done to a very high standard: done to an excellent level of quality
  • It’s second to none: the best, perfect, superior.
  • Put it on the market: put it up for sale.
  • Expect to achieve: consider reasonable to get
  • Resale valuation: an estimation of the worth of the house if they want to sell it.

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