Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Scotland: a project by 2º ESO students

Last year I had a great group of 2º ESO students. They were just 12 or 13 years old. However, their level of English was quite high, so I asked them to do a project presentation about Scotland and I was very pleased with the result.
Old men of Storr, by Iguana Jo in Fickr

The idea was to create a collaborative presentation with Google Docs. First, I showed them how easy it is to use this web tool. You can see it in this video.

Being digital natives, they had no problem whatsoever to learn the basics. Then, I showed them a presentation with the procedure they had to follow and the questions they had to answer. Here it is:

I also created the presentation they were going to work on. I just put the title and a picture and sent it to their e-mail addresses, enabling them to edit it. I also warned them to be careful not to delete their classmates' work!

And here is their presentation. Isn't it great?

I hope this can be an inspiration for EFL classes, because sometimes it is not easy to find topics for projects.

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